This site is about meeting and holiday events for the most part.

I will focus on ideas for corporate events, weddings and places to go for holiday retreats.

My interest in these areas came from my many travels around the world.

I use to live in Germany and visited many places in Europe and since living in the states, I have traveled in many places while working the corporate circuit so I feel I have a lot to offer in this area.

My wedding interests come from the fact that I am an avid photographer and I use to attend several weddings, including ones at the famous Carnegie Museum and Heinz Chapel.

These places are generally coveted in the North East Region for fancier weddings and impressive wedding venue places.

My wedding experience helps with all my corporate event ideas (as you can imagine) because they are both similar in many ways.

Large events, impressive gifts, defined seating (sometimes), banquets….you name it, I’ve seen it.

I really enjoy analyzing things like events and weddings and I like to offer my advice in regards to what works and what doesn’t work for corporate and wedding events.

Rather than be a Mrs. Know it All about it to your face, I am creating this blog for you to read if you want and you can use the information to throw the best events ever or you can do your own thing.

Really, in today’s world almost anything goes as long as you have the right crowd invited to your event.

For example, you would not throw a barn wedding and have it called a black tie event.   Barn’s generally don’t have air conditioning and you might end up with a lot of disappointed tuxedoed men and evening dressed ladies when they see that the cake is a bunch of cupcakes and the cocktails are red solo cups (not saying that you would be that tacky, but I’ve seen it happen)

So in general, this will be a guide for your the corporate even planner or the coveted wedding planner.

I hope this blog helps you and if you ever need anything, go ahead and comment and I’ll try to keep up with ya!

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