Almabel is here!

After several months of figuring out how to put a blog up and finally finding the time to do so, I give you Almabel!

This website is going to focus on the best corporate event ideas and holiday places you can go to with your family or your business.

It will include reviews of hotels and cities and the best places for either business or family fun.

Having grown up in Germany, I have a more global perspective of the world and I hope that I will be able to give you good information regarding the places you are looking for and what you want to research in regards to having big or small events for your event.

From weddings to corporate events, I will cover places that you can buy things, rent things, how to order catered food and more.

I’ve been running events and getting people excited about trips and stuff like for a while now.

Having experience running college events, public school engagements and more, my background is well suited in offering advise on the best ways to have the best events around!

So let’s not waste anymore time and get to talking about event spaces, event gift ideas and more!


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