Corporate Gift Ideas

I want to start out with talking about corporate gifts because now is the time of year where you might want to start thinking about what you are going to get those high paying clients or your boss for Christmas or the holidays.

Corporate Gift Ideas don’t have to always be about holiday gift baskets either.  You don’t have to go all crazy fancy if you actually find a quality gift that they will remember or enjoy.

Personally, I like to give gourmet gifts and treats for corporate gifts during the holidays because I know that the gift won’t be thrown in a garage or a an office drawer or given to the secretary as a second gift.

Some people give away branded gifts as corporate gifts and although the intention is a nice gesture, there is a secondary ultimatum of advertising with the gift and that’s just tacky.

If you want to be the best corporate gifter, think outside the box.

Find ways that you can support your local economy by finding unique and original gift ideas.

You can find unique gourmet gift foods at places like TJ Maxx and Grocery Stores, however, there are some great places out there that make gourmet treats that are perfect for corporate gift baskets.

You generally find these types of fantastic gifts for your corporate guy in small boutiques or online.

Being an online person, I tend to like the online option.

Many online places allow you to order with a credit card and drop ship to their offices or homes.

If you want to personally deliver the gift, then make sure you do so before the holiday gift rush so that you stand out among the other gifts coming into the office and set the bar for all the gifts to follow.

A corporate gift doesn’t have to be fancy if it comes with superior treats or wine.

Wine always does well, if you know wines.

If you don’t know anything about wine, it’s probably not the best idea to go out and just pick up a box of wine to give to your boss or client.

BTW, boxed wine….unless you are playing a corporate prank….is not the best message to send.

I suggest sending a corporate gift from you personally if you are trying to work your way up in the company or impress your client.

A personally signed card and gift is more impressive and personal than a gift “from all of us”…and all though it is more expensive to do so, it is the smarter move and helps you stand out from the crowd.

You move to the beat of your gifting drum and that is what leaders appreciate about other good leaders.

If you stand out and make your own decisions outside of a group environment (yes even with giving out corporate gifts and coming up with corporate gift ideas) then you are seen as a leader and someone who can creatively come up with new and fresh ideas that are often valued in the corporate world.

This world is filled with too many followers.

Have you noticed?

And sometimes, if they are not a follower, they are LOUD obnoxious and just trying way too hard.

Don’t try to impress your boss by trying too hard.

Just be yourself and think of yourself on the same playing level.

Treat your corporate clients as equals and make them your friends.  Be yourself.

You don’t want to work with someone who always kisses your butt or who overdoes things to impress you do you?

Aren’t you sick of eye rolling?

Your client or your boss is too.


Be a real friend, a real person and show genuine interest in the corporate gift you give and you will reap the rewards of it.

Generally a great corporate gift will open up a conversation between you and the person you are giving the corporate gifts to.

This can be a valuable tool in striking up a new way to upsell an existing client, opening the doors to the corporate ladder or just offer you a deeper friendship than what existed before and overall makes your job more enjoyable.

When giving corporate gifts, think of something you would like, not something that costs the most or is the most impressive in size.

I suppose in my next post I’ll chat about some of the best gifts to give your boss that I have found to be awesome for me.

Remember each boss and individual corporate gift gifter is different so there isn’t necessarily a right answer to what the best gift for your boss is or what your clients would love in a holiday basket.

(I hate corporate gift baskets by the way….I prefer dark bags or boxes that have a little element of secrecy and surprise.  No thank you cellophane.)

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