Great Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Since our last post was focused on corporate gifts, we have determined that we will offer you some great ideas for your boss this holiday season.  Let’s go with the 2015 Holiday Season and some great gift ideas!

Super corporate gift ideas for the 2015 Holidays!


1. A gift card to their favorite home store.  (we know gift cards are boring but hear us out!)   – Take some time to chit chat and see what projects your boss or client has going on at home.  You’ll be surprised what you can find out.  From closet organization to a fresh coat of paint, a home store gift card is a gift that everyone…even the boss likes.   If you really want to shine, put in one of the newest copies of a magazine or book that includes an article on the project you discussed.

2. Comedy Club Tickets – Everyone loves to laugh and often times busy people are too busy to schedule fun. When you take the initiative to create a fun event in advance, you make your gift a priority and you’ll find your boss accommodate to your unique corporate gift!


3. Treats for the whole office! Don’t go with boring cookies or a cake.  Try something different. We found some great corporate gifts in a Pittsburgh based caramel and chocolate covered paradise named Pretzel Crazy.  Run by a local gourmet gift lover, Sheri Powell can customize her gourmet gifts to match colors of your company, favorite sports team and more.  The bit sized treats are perfect and so uniquely different and we absolutely love them for a corporate gift in 2015!  We were lucky enough to meet her at the Pittsburgh Spine Center recently and were fortunate enough to get to taste her delicious treats!


4. Telegram.  It’s different and that’s why we love it!  From so long ago, singing telegrams were fun then and they are a blast now.  Just make sure the telegram is appropriate and not a birthday cake with a topless dancer singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President”.


5. Unique and VERY different monthly home deliveries.  If you are looking to really impress all year long with just one gift, consider purchasing a “gift of the month”. From wine, cheeses to even some of the most interesting sounding jerky, you can make a statement each month with a gift like this for your corporate client or boss.

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