What to Buy After Christmas

I have a niece whose birthday is New Year’s Day. For years (when she was a child), I use to buy her gifts for Christmas and her birthday. This little girl got over like a fat rat…LOL. No wonder she used to tell me I was her favorite aunt. HA!

As she got older, I decide to combine her Christmas and birthday gift. She didn’t mind, because even then, I got her some really nice things. This was basically due to the fact that there are some really, really good deals going on in the days after Christmas.

Gift Sets

If you have been in any store pre-Christmas, you know that there are numerous gift sets from everything from fragrances to food. Right after Christmas, these sets are discounted big time, perfect for those right after Christmas birthdays, anniversaries, or just a nice perk-me up for you.

Winter Clothing

 To make room for spring clothing, most stores will deeply discount winter items, like boots, gloves, scarves, and gloves. At some places such as Old Navy, you can get an additional discount on top of an already-discounted item.


Like a lot of people, you might have missed the Black Friday sales because you didn’t have any Black Friday money. Well, no worries. You actually can get better deals after Christmas than after Thanksgiving. Like with clothing, most tech manufacturers are offering big discounts on merchandise to make room for the new items coming out in the New Year. From name-brand earbuds to laptops, you can find items more than 75% off online and in-stores.



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